Chemical Peels

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A chemical peel is a procedure where a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the outer most layer of the skin to expose the younger and healthier cells underneath.  Solutions typically used may include Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Kojic acid, or TCA.

Benefits of chemical peels:
    • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
    • Evens out skin tone
    • Fades hyperpigmented areas caused by sun damage including freckles and age spots
    • Vanishes blemishes and controls acne
    • Fade scars
    • Gives skin a fresh healthy glow
A "light" chemical peel or "lunchtime" peel is a superficial peel that is a quick, in office procedure with little to no down time.
Light chemical peels include:
Single acid peels:  A single solution used  to give your skin a healthy glow and/or control acne

Custom peels:  A combination of acids, determined by the clinician, to target specific skin issues

Obagi  RADIANCE peels: 
The "Cadillac" of peels. 
A combination of Salicylic, Glycolic and Lactic acids. 
Provides instant radiance-tighter, smoother, brighter-liking skin after just once use


TCA medium depth peel is used to combat more significant skin care concerns including fine and deep surface wrinkles, acne scars, and blemishes.  These peels get down to a deeper skin depth and have significantly more down time than a light chemical peel.