Stress Test Prep

Stress Test Prep

    Allow 3 Hours of Test Time for Nuclear Stresses and 1 Hour of Test Time For Stress Echoes
  1. Do not take Heart and/or Blood Pressure medication morning of test
  2. Fast 4 hours prior, may have water during those 4 hours.
  3. No Caffeine 24 hours prior
  4. No Nicotine 12 hours prior
  5. No Nitroglyceriene 12 hours prior (if you wear a patch remove and wipe area)
  6. No medication containing Theophylline or Dipyridamole 24 hours prior
  7. Notify Technologist if you maybe pregnant or nursing.
  8. No other imaging tests involving Barium 48 Hours prior.


Drinks Containing Caffeine
Brewed Coffee                          Instant Coffee                             Decaffeinated Coffee
Brewed Tea                               Instant Tea                                  Iced Tea
Cocoa                                        Soda                                           Chocolate Milk
Foods Containing Caffeine

Chocolate Candy                      Baking Chocolates                     Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate-coated Candy          Chocolate Cake
Prescription Drugs Containing Caffeine

Cafergot (all forms)                   Fiorinal (all forms)                      Synalgos-DC

Esgic (all forms)                        Norgesic                                    Wigraine (all forms)

Fioricet                                     Norgesic Forte
OTC Drugs Containing Caffeine

Anacin             Excedrin          No Doz

Drugs Containing Dipyridamole

Aggrenox       Persantine/Dipyridamole

Drugs Containing Theophylline

Aerolate                                    Slo-Phylline                              Theochron

Aminophylline                            Slo-Phylline Gyrocaps              Theoclear L.A.

Bronkodyl                                 Sustaire                                    Theodur Spinkle

Choledyl                                    T-PHYL                                  Theolair
Constant-T                                Tedral SA                                Theophylline SR
Elixophylline                               Theo-Dur                                Theospan SR
Primatene (tablets)                     The-Organidin                          Theostat
Quibron (all forms)                     Theo-Sav                                 Theovent Long Acting

Respbid                                     Theo-24                                   TheoX

Slo-bid                                      Theobid                                    Trental

Slobid Gyrocaps                        Theobid Duracap                      Uniphyl

Products Containing Nicotine
Nicotine          Nicotine Patches         Nicotine Gum             Tobacco
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